Sunday, 22 November 2009

Wire cards

For Christmas a few years ago I was given a very nifty wire-writer, peg board and set of wires from Lakeland. I’ve had a look on the website and they don’t seem to stock them anymore but I’ve found them on another craft website:

Wire writer toolkit

These are a few of the cards I’ve made using the kit. I also made 100 wine glass charms with it for my wedding guests. It’s a brilliant little kit that makes manipulation of wire very easy.

four leaf clover wireSarah & Tatty 2007 Tim 2007 wire beaded flower

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Quilled cards

I don’t seem to have kept pictures of many of my quilled cards unfortunately, but here are four that I have kept.

Quilled daisyquilled flowerpot Quilled violet Quilled clover Quilling is an incredibly intricate craft. I find it immensely satisfying but I also tend to get my fingers stuck together rather too easily! I was horrified a few months ago when I was told at my local craft shop that they weren’t stocking the papers anymore because it “had gone out of fashion”. I’m glad to report that they’ve now changed their minds and supplied me with some lovely ones this morning.

Some very simple cards

These are some of my simplest designs but they’re nice quick ones and are suitable for all kinds of occasions…

scan0001This one’s made using sticky-backed plastic tiles with some really funky designs on them.

Watercolour embossed daisiesThe daisies are stamped and embossed and then painted with watercolours.

11SD 2007I made 30 of these good luck cards when my first form group went on study leave to do their GCSEs. It took me ages to cut the apertures out by hand!

flamingoA very simple yet effective flamingo.

iris foldingThis was my first attempt at iris paper folding. Look out for many more designs in future posts.

Liam 2007For my cousin’s 16th birthday, nothing too fussy for the boys!

pyramid rosesThis pyramid is creating by cutting out the same image several times and cropping it before using foam pads to assemble the pyramid.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cross-stitch projects

Here are some of my favourite cross-stitch projects to date...

To celebrate the birth of my extra special niece in 2005.

This one was for Bert, the first child that I am a moral guardian for. I'm currently working on a piece for the second, his little sister Iris.

This Barn Owl hangs proudly in our entrance hall. This took me years to complete but I absolutely love it!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some of my one-offs

These are some examples of some of the crafts that I've dabbled with but only really done once...

I made this latch-hook rug during my last year at university and finished it off during a 5 week trip to the Outer Hebrides.
Yikes - that was 6 years ago!
It's a great craft but incredibly time consuming.

Another one that takes some real commitment. I used to attempt a lot of scrapefoils when I was little but this was the first (and at the moment only) one I've ever done properly. It seems that patience comes with age.

This one has pride of place on Dad's wall!

Some flowers painted for Mum and Dad's bathroom. These are watercolour and clearly show that although I may have the attention to detail and patience to produce pleasing pieces of craftwork my artist talents leave a lot to be desired.

We all have our flaws!

Another weird one. You'll see more of my stitching on future posts but this was an experiment to see if I could design my own patterns. It was a bit ambitious for a first attempt but I had fun doing it.
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