Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some of my one-offs

These are some examples of some of the crafts that I've dabbled with but only really done once...

I made this latch-hook rug during my last year at university and finished it off during a 5 week trip to the Outer Hebrides.
Yikes - that was 6 years ago!
It's a great craft but incredibly time consuming.

Another one that takes some real commitment. I used to attempt a lot of scrapefoils when I was little but this was the first (and at the moment only) one I've ever done properly. It seems that patience comes with age.

This one has pride of place on Dad's wall!

Some flowers painted for Mum and Dad's bathroom. These are watercolour and clearly show that although I may have the attention to detail and patience to produce pleasing pieces of craftwork my artist talents leave a lot to be desired.

We all have our flaws!

Another weird one. You'll see more of my stitching on future posts but this was an experiment to see if I could design my own patterns. It was a bit ambitious for a first attempt but I had fun doing it.
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