Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fresh new look for Blog

I’ve decided that it’s about time that I took this blogging lark seriously and tried to actually get some followers. It’s almost two years since I set this up and I saw it as a way to show off my work and maybe one day think about selling some of my creations online. Two years on I don’t think I’ve really shared my passion for crafting and now I intend to try harder.

Each piece that I create takes a long time and by only posting the finished articles on here I do not do them or myself any justice. To give you an insight into how I work as a crafter and just how much time and energy my projects take I’ll show you exactly what I’m working on at the moment…

1. Cross-stitch Red Kite

Kite 030711 Kite pattern 030711

My husband bought me this kit for Christmas this year from X-stitch birds. I was a little overwhelmed by the size of this project and decided to time myself. You’re looking at 24 hours and 30 minutes worth of stitching. I’m not even going to begin to estimate how long the whole thing’s going to take! If I was only working on this project I think I’d go mad so…

2. Latch-hook Rug

rug 030711 This is my own piece. I had the canvas and acrylic wools from Tracy’s Craft Shop as a present from my parents in-law for my birthday this year.

I painstakingly designed the rug before beginning and then hooked the first column as my guide. The colours were chosen to match a set of canvases that I painted for our lounge when we first moved into our current flat.

Unfortunately, rug-making really makes my fingers ache so I definitely need more…

3. Naming Ceremony Gift

I usually have something more immediate (and for someone else) on the go. At the moment I’m working on my idea of a birth sampler for the very special Ena who celebrates her second birthday this week and is having a Naming Ceremony next weekend. So, how do I make these stitched creations?

Step 1 – Design the layout and writing on the computer and print it out.

Step 2 – carefully prick each hole that I will need to stitch the design. I do this using a large pin and felt mat.

Step 3 – Start stitching!

This one will probably have taken about three hours by the time it’s complete.

I suppose one of the reasons that I have to have lots of things on the go at any one time is another symptom of my fidgety-ness. I’m just a multi-tasker at heart!

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