Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Last week I stumbled across another website for stitched card patterns. It’s run by the same person that does Stitching Cards but he’s using it to sell the Form-a-Lines patterns that he bought copyright for. At least, that’s what I gather. It’s called Pinbroidery and I downloaded one of the free ones to have a go at…
This design is stitched in two different layers and could be completed in two different colours if you liked. It’s very similar to the String Art design that my Year 10s eventually managed to complete last week. It’s not a particularly easy pattern if you’re a beginner because the pattern is not uniform around the whole circle but I do love the effect once complete.
You stitch the second layer over the top of the first and end up with this beautiful effect of a heart within a circle. The pattern has a diameter of about 10.5cm I think but it would take being reduced if you wanted a smaller one.
Please remember that most of the stitched designs that I use are copyright and should be purchased from Stitching Cards if you want to try them out for yourself. They are only £1 each so certainly don’t break the bank!

Once I’ve completed the stitched part of a card I like to add my own stamp, which is almost always layering onto different coloured papers before mounting onto a card. I decided to mount this one at an angle…

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