Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stitching Art for the classroom

After a morning thinking about the next round of UCAS applications, personal statements and references I needed a break. It was time to complete those curve stitching projects that I’d promised before we broke up for the summer. I pretty much decided which designs I was going to attempt last night when I went through one of my favourite books Curve Stitching by Jon Millington published by Tarquin. It’s a book that I spent a few years trying to get hold of and eventually found a copy at a seminar I went to last year. It was a useless conference but this book and another on Geometrical Quilting made the day more than worthwhile. Anyway, I didn’t follow the patterns exactly but used them as inspiration. I have made four designs based on concentric circles, one using a square and it’s diagonals and a final one based on a hexagon made into a two-dimensional representation of a cube. These give you just a tiny glimpse into what is possible with curve stitching…
This picture illustrates how I made my pricking pattern. Here I started with a circle of radius 6cm divided into eighths. Each radius was then partitioned into twelve equal 12 parts. I then placed this pattern on top of my blue card and pricked through onto my felt mat.
The first four parabolas were stitched using a bright yellow thread but it doesn’t show up very well on the photo. I then chose to do the other four in a slightly more orange thread.
This is the completed eight-point star design. Ever so simple but a really nice effect I think.

Below are four of the other completed designs and a larger photo to show all six framed and ready to go up in Maths classrooms next week. I think the octagon with a beautiful flower inside is my personal favourite…
P1040823 P1040831
P1040830 P1040833
I eventually finished these at about 8 o’clock and realised that I’d forgotten to eat! It’s amazing what crafting can do to me!!!

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