Saturday, 24 September 2011

Never any time in September

September is always a big month for me and unfortunately the only thing I get time to do at weekends is craft numerous UCAS references for my form whilst evenings are filled with marking until I find a routine that suits me better. So far this month I have found the odd hour to devote to the cross-stitch kite but I’m now getting really frustrated that I don’t have time for any other projects. I’ve satisfied myself with a little hemming this morning before I head out for a day of sailing!
As a Mathematics enthusiast, I regularly read Plus Magazine, which is a fantastic online publication. When browsing the site the other day, I stumbled across a review for a book that looks brilliant and was swiftly added to my Amazon wish list. I met the woman who’s written the review at a conference at Murray Edwards College back in July. If only I’d known she were a crafter – our conversation would have been much more varied!
Click the picture below to read more…
I have six more early deadline references to write in the next few days then I might just be able to do something about my urge to get crafting again. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Exciting update on kite as head is complete!

This may not actually be an “exciting” update for many but I’m thrilled to have completed the red kite’s head after 51 hours and 30 minutes of work. I think the head is absolutely beautiful and well worth sharing.


It’s worth noting at this point that one of the unusual things about these kits by X-stitch birds is that they are created entirely of full cross-stitches. No half stitches, no three-quarter stitches and absolutely no back-stitch. Considering this simplicity in pattern, I think you’d have to agree, the result is stunning.

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