Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shhh, don’t show or tell Mum

I’ve spent the day making a Christmas present for Mum so that she has something to open to go with her M&S vouchers. It took about five hours I think but I wasn’t really counting.
Like yesterday, I began by deciding on the design of my patchwork piece and determining the best order in which to stitch the pieces together.
After a little battle with my sewing machine I managed to complete the patchwork and backed it with cream material just as I would a cushion, leaving the bottom edge open to be turned the right way around.
Using the same cream material I then set about making a simple shopping bag to mount the patchwork on. I made everything, even the handles. By far the hardest part of this project was mounting it onto the bag. I don’t think I’ve ever actually stitched with both my right and left hands together before! It was very fiddly.
I am generally very pleased with the result and I think Mum will love it but the small imperfection when closing up the bottom edge of the patchwork will niggle at me. Having said that, it looks worse on the photo than in real life. Anyway, here’s the finished item and remember, shhhhhhh, don’t show or tell Mum!

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