Sunday, 15 January 2012

2012–The year of the Kite?

A couple of weeks ago my husband made a request that I make 2012 the year of the Kite. His initial request was that I finish the cross-stitch in January, which is totally unrealistic and damn near impossible. I think the horror in my face must have said it all because he quickly decided to give me a year to complete the project. I have to admit that I’d like to finish it sooner and am really looking forward to having it hanging on the wall.

Anyway, I’ve just made it over the 100 hour mark today. According to my estimates this should mean that I’m about two thirds of the way through. I can’t do anymore today though. Doing fiddly cross-stitch in the dark is not a good idea for your eyes or your sanity (no lights in the lounge at the moment…)

Have a look at what I’ve done now and what I have left to do. Any bets when in 2012 I’ll be done?

P1050805_blog     P1050804_blog

Now that I come to look at it, it doesn’t appear that I’m two thirds of the way through yet does it? Ho hum…

So, it’s latch-hook rugging for me for the rest of the day. At least I can do that by lamp light!

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