Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bean Bag Seat

When I’m at home I never sit on a chair. I work, craft, browse the internet and watch TV from the floor with my coffee table and a couple of bean bags that constantly need replenishing because they get so much use. We bought one of them from John Lewis with vouchers that I was given from people at work when we got married. This one has been nothing but trouble. It’s made of brown corduroy material that splits at the bottom seam. I’ve patched it twice but spotted yet another split this morning.
It doesn’t look good, does it? I’ve run out of patches so headed for the computer to search the web for new bean bags. After browsing some of the options I decided that I’d be best to get a flat(ish) cushion type bean bag as I like to sit on top of rather than in the bean bags when working and crafting. There were a few options but it suddenly dawned on me that the ideal solution would be to use the beans that I already have, along with my sturdiest Ikea fabric, to make my own perfectly proportioned and beautiful bean bag seat.
It took less than three hours in total and I’m chuffed to bits with it. My new rotary cutter and A2 cutting mat (that arrived this week) proved to be fantastic purchases and my little sewing machine coped admirably with this task. It measures about 50cm by 50cm. I really enjoyed making it and I hope that David likes it when he comes home.
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