Sunday, 29 January 2012

A quiet crafting weekend in Norfolk

I managed to get three things done this weekend…

1. I made a birthday card using flowers cut out off some fabric and stitched to thick, textured paper and embellished with beads at the centre of each flower.


2. I bought wool for the first time. It’s definitely time that I learnt how to crochet. Watch out for my first attempts over the next month or so.

3. I spent another seven hours on the red kite. I’m now up to a running total of 112 hours spent on the project and upon completing my session today I decided to analyse my stitching speed and estimate just how much time it’s going to take me to complete. If I stitch at today’s pace for the rest of the project, it should take me another 36 hours taking me rather close to the magic 150 hours that I’ve been estimating almost from the start! Given that the six nations starts next weekend, which is a superb stitching companion, I’m aiming for completion by the end of March but don’t hold me to it!


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