Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Bunny

I’ve been working hard making soft owls on Mum’s sewing machine this week. They’re for my A-level Further Maths group when they leave in a few weeks and I will post them later in the week when I’ve finished the trims. Anyway, upon seeing these sat on the mantelpiece, Katryn asked if I could make a bunny for her. I enthusiastically agreed and set to it immediately. My first attempt (designed by us on paper) was not very successful so I decided to get on the internet to find a real pattern. I used a tutorial on sew4home, which was relatively straightforward to follow until I got to stitching the face and neck together. I found that I had to stitch the pieces together in a different order and my rabbit’s face does not look exactly as it should. I also avoided too much hand stitching by machining the head onto the body before stuffing the bunny from the bottom. As usual, it’s not a perfect piece of work and it has taken me hours and hours but I think Katryn will love her…

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