Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The wedding cake saga

David and I got married in Cley Windmill where we could only have 20 guests so I decided that I’d bring the windmill to the reception by making a windmill wedding cake. I made two round fruit cakes and a third in a pudding basin. I marzipanned and iced them successfully and even spent hours creating a wooden sail and balcony from headless matches (the sail even turned). It wasn’t perfect but I was proud of it…

2203_127684100127_711245127_5843088_4168_n (2)

However, I did all this at home in London without properly thinking the whole thing through. I had no way to transport it to Norfolk. For two and a half hours I held it on the floor between my feet but the car was too warm and the icing slowly began to melt and sag. By the time we got it to Norfolk I wasn’t prepared to have it used. I demolished it and cut it up for the guests to eat but they were never to see it and this is the only photograph I have of the creation.

Fortunately, David does not like fruit cake so we had ordered a couple of sponge cake bars from M&S so there was another option… One of our readings at the ceremony was The Owl and the Pussycat so I had asked Ruth to make us an owl and a pussycat from polymer modelling clay for the windmill cake. I constructed a card windmill and made a pea-green boat to go alongside a cake bar painted with food colouring. It was tiny but you’ll never see another wedding cake like ours!


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