Sunday, 17 June 2012

“The crack cocaine of the craft world”

Kirstie Allsopp claims that machine embroidery is the crack cocaine of the craft world – hell I’d better give that a try…

I watched a very quick tutorial on YouTube to make sure that I understood the principles and knew what I needed to do to my machine in order to be able to attempt this apparently addictive craft. It turned out that all I needed to do was remove the sewing foot, set the tension to zero and retract the tracking pads that feed the material through the machine. I also needed to find my tapestry hoop and find something to embroider.

I decided to fill in the design on an IKEA pillowcase first of all and to use lots of the cottons that came with the sewing machine. I used a straight stitch on my slowest speed setting and experimented with different stitch lengths. By the time I’d filled in the first section I was hooked. Kirstie may have had a point.


I was relatively pleased with this for a first ever attempt but I can’t claim that the back was neat and tidy.


Next I decided to draw my own design on a square from Sarah’s old curtains. I went for a simple six petalled flower in two colours and this time I managed to keep the back relatively tidy too…



With patience and perseverance I’m sure I’ll be able to do some free machine embroidery on the new banner for school birthday in September…

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