Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Double crochet (US) circle

I have now mastered crocheting a circle as well as flowers and granny squares but I still can’t crochet in a straight line. I find it practically impossible, and not just the second row, which is definitely the most challenging. I think the problem lies in my tension and stitch size. I keep everything too tight and end up with no space to get my hook in and through easily. It’s difficult to change what you do instinctively but I think I’m going to have to.

This circle uses American double crochet stitches, which we call treble over here. I’m learning from an American book so I’ll stick with their terminology. In each ring you double the number of stitches in the round by completing two double crochets into each existing stitch.


This evening I’m going to learn how to cast on and off enabling me to take up knitting for the first time. Watch this space for updates!

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