Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day Seven in The Making of the 2012 WCHS Banner

Day Seven sees me break out the sewing machine and start the patchwork. That’s right folks, the main part of the new 2012 WCHS banner is The Union Jack – surprised?! I thought the shapes of the embroidered pieces were a bit of a giveaway myself but I had the diagram all along.


I had lots of other things to do as well today so I only managed to get the bottom half done but I hope you’ll agree that I made a good start. I think that one more long day should just about do it. Half the time of the Olympics themselves, that seems appropriate somehow.


Ok, so I have to say that I am VERY annoyed with one aspect of this banner that hasn’t quite gone to plan. There is an unforeseen problem with the patchwork. I don’t think my lengths of fabric were ever long enough for me to have avoided this happening but with longer pieces I could have got it spot on. Now I have the added complication of having to make the error consistent on the top half too! My challenge to you all is to spot the issue (which will, undoubtedly, irritate me forever…)

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