Friday, 3 August 2012

Quiet Crafting Time in Liverpool

Katryn and I headed to my Auntie and Uncle’s house in Liverpool this week to escape the madness and get some quality crafting time together!

So that Katryn would feel “less embarrassed” sleeping in a boys room we first made a butterfly mobile to hang up. It was a kit we bought from Sainsburys which had really good instructions and was pretty easy to make although gluing all the pieces together for the twelve butterflies was a little tedious.



The following day we were busy creating pretty things from felt and buttons. We made quite a few brooches, a hairclip and a flower chain for Auntie Liz that we left on her fridge. I did the stitching but Katryn did everything else…

P1060755_blog  P1060754_blog

P1060757_blog  P1060753_blog


P1060758_blog  P1060763_blog


Finally,I want to share a picture that Katryn did for Mum a few weeks ago. She had been studying bees at school and I just love her attention to detail. Look at the hexagons (there are a few that actually have six sides!) in the bees nest and the protective mask on the bee-keeper. Her phonetic spelling of honey did make me chuckle I have to admit.


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