Monday, 29 October 2012

Patchwork Bedspread (and an explanation)

My life has been without crafting for some time now – has it reached ten weeks yet? It’s no secret that September is always busy for me, as a sixth form tutor with UCAS references to battle with, but this autumn half term has been exceptional. Upon returning from South Africa I managed two days at work before Mum was taken into hospital. I fetched her out this Saturday after travelling between North Wales and London every weekend for seven weeks. No time for crafting in that schedule – sorry!

Nan turned 88 last week (don’t tell her that I publicised that fact) so I did manage to squeeze one small project in during the week before. Dad chose the fabrics from my collection and I made this patchwork bedspread for her. She tells me that she is not intending to use it as a bedspread though; this piece is destined to keep her knees warm this winter!


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