Thursday, 24 January 2013

Engagement Card

Here’s an engagement card I made this weekend while staying inside in the warm. I beaded the ring on wire before attaching it to the card.

The three squares beneath the ring are, from smallest to largest:

1. A thick, semi-transparent, fibrous paper with a grey leaf motif stitched by machine onto

2. A thick white paper with silver “Congratulations” printed  all over it (you can just about see it on this photo if you look very carefully!) and

3. A plain black square 4mm larger than the second one.


It feels like a really long time since I made a card but I was really pleased with this one.


Update on 25th January 2013

Less than 24 hours after this card went live on my blog I had a request for another. I’ve also made an envelope to fit this one as the A5 brown manila envelope that I folded over and mailed the last one in would not really be acceptable to personally hand to someone. So, here it is…


It doesn’t match but the paper that I made the envelope from was the only stuff I had that was big enough! I could do with getting some A3 coloured paper really.

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