Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hama bead projects from university

This is the first of two Hama bead related posts that were inspired by my beading last night. You’ll understand why the champagne bottle jogged my memory of crafting with these beads when I publish the other post but for now I shall stick with the conventional use of Hama beads.

I own a huge number of Hama beads and associated materials because I love to use them with the Brownies. It’s a little fiddly but well worth all the effort. I have various peg boards that you load with the plastic beads before melting them into solid, flat structures with an ordinary iron and special paper that is a bit like baking parchment.

I created all of the these during my time at university whilst I was Brown Owl of the wonderful 38th Cambridge Brownies many years ago. I followed a pattern for the swans but the Brownie emblem and the Bagpuss are my designs.


P1010117i  P1010118i

All three of the above creations are packed away and never normally see the light of day but David and I still have the coasters below out for use in the lounge. They must be about ten years old now and are still going strong.


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