Monday, 21 January 2013

Improving my Craft Photography?

This “snow day” has given me the opportunity to begin my mission to improve the photography of my crafting projects. I’d really like to make my photographs more consistent on this site and begin to develop my own style. To help me on this journey I was given Heidi Adnum’s Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos for Christmas this year. It’s a brilliant book and even David approved of this one. I’ve also adopted our old DSLR (Canon EOS 50D), which was our wedding present but we upgraded it fairly recently. I’m using it with a 24-105mm lens at the moment.

I’ve taken quite a variety of photos of crafts and accessories and I’d love to know which ones you think work and which ones really don’t…

First we have three photos of a beaded necklace, two of which use a terracotta plant pot as an additional prop.


IMG_0229i  IMG_0233i

Here’s a photo of the beaded charms I made recently. This is, surely,  a much better photo than the ones I took of my knee a few days ago. I quite like the reflection effect here.


These photos of my felted mouse are not much better than previous attempts but in taking them I learned a lot about using different coloured backgrounds. The mouse needed a dark background because he is so dark himself.


My dried roses look very vibrant here but this photo also shows the disadvantages of using a glossy background. I think I may have to get some black fabric to hang over a large frame for future dark backgrounds. The background of the artificial bouquet of roses is a large canvas, which I found to be less reflective than the wall itself.



A glass vase is a difficult thing to photograph well. Ruth painted this one for me as a thank you present at her wedding back in 2009.


This little jar of special wishes was given to me Isabel, who writes Monochrome magpie, when she left at the end of Year 13.


Anny made me this make-up bag for my 30th back in May. Visit her website by clicking the link: madebyanny


Finally on my made by other people section, these two bowls were made by the mother of one of our Year 11 students. She gave me these as thank you presents at the end of Year 7 and 9. I absolutely love them.


The next two are my messy crocheting and latch-hook rug making materials. I’ve had to tone the saturation down on the first one because I really struggled with the bright red, which always comes out looking decided neon.



Now for a batch of other objects.  The plastic champagne glasses and stones are taken against a “seamless background” that I created by draping a towel over a box.





Finally, here are some photos of crafting accessories…





Please post any comments, feedback or suggestions that you have. Thank you!

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