Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Foam Cushion Seat for Katryn

A couple of weeks ago, Katryn and I hit Dunelm Mill in Wrexham in search of a solution for something she can sit on in her bedroom. Ideally we were after beanbag beans so that I could make her a seat like mine but they only had huge bags so we opted for a foam pad instead. It’s dimensions are 50 x 56 x 7.5 cm so is actually bigger than my bean cushion. She then chose the pink flowery fabric for it and sent me back home to make her seat before her room is redecorated. Here’s a close up of the finished article…


To be honest, I wish I’d gone for the beans because the rigid pad was a pain in the neck. However, the advantage of using foam is that the pad will stand up and tuck away down the side of other furniture quite easily (see the last photo below). Let’s just hope Katryn likes it now. Russell is quite keen as you can see!



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