Saturday, 30 March 2013

Crafting for Queequeg

Mum and Dad have recently moved from a three-bedroomed house into a two-bedroomed bungalow. Packing up a house that they’ve lived in for 24 years was not easy and there was a lot that needed to be ditched but Mum was adamant that the Ottoman from her bedroom had to have a home in the new bungalow. This piece of furniture is, apparently, Queequeg’s favourite article on which to sharpen his claws.
Now, I’m up here for Easter and love to be kept busy so I thought I’d re-cover the piece for Mum and Quee. Sarah, the kids and I ventured out to Ikea yesterday to buy the last of Mum’s new bedroom furniture. While we were there we spotted some fabric that was a good match to her current (but quite old) duvet cover. Mum might have liked to choose the fabric herself but I was too excited to wait. Surely she’d love this.
Step one was to strip the previous two layers of fabric off it and reveal a thin layer of quilting from one of Nan-nan’s old quilts from many many years ago. I then padded underneath this layer with about half the stuffing from a pillow and stapled it all down securely.
I then tightly stapled the new fabric around the lid. The minute that I finished, as if to prove Mum right, Quee strolled over to give it a try…
Here’s the finished piece both in the lounge and in-situ at the bottom of Mum’s bed. They both seem pleased!
IMG_0367_blog     IMG_0368_blog

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