Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crafty Final Day of Term

For me and my classes, the last day of term means crafting, whether they like it or not! With just one lesson to be taught today and suspecting that Year 8 would have constructed the perfect Easter egg last year I decided to do curve stitching with them this morning. We didn’t actually stitch but used a pencil and straight edge to create the curves from straight lines. They concentrated well and worked really hard to create excellent results that looked just like my stitched version…


Next, whilst half the school was in the Easter assembly and the other half were sorting out form rooms and the like, I sat in the senior library and taught one of my tutees to knit. It’s a skill that she needs for her A-level Art project and I was delighted to help. She took to it very well although had a slight habit of picking up stitches. She’s using huge needles at the moment, which are quite a handful, but I look forward to seeing how she’s got on when we get back to school in a couple of weeks.

Happy Easter Holidays everyone!

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