Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Next skill to acquire

Within the next few weeks I need to become an accomplished hand embroiderer. I am very confident with  needlecraft on card and paper but my experience working on fabric is limited and I need my work to be impeccable on both the front and the back of my fabric. I’m a real stickler for detail (some of my students will vouch for that – I can here them groaning now as I nag them for more justification and clarity!). Anyway, I digress…
When developing new skills I generally turn to blogs and you-tube to help me out but occasionally I find that nothing beats a classic publication when the descriptions and diagrams had to be easy to follow. You couldn’t be sloppy or lack detail when you have a single diagram to accompany your description. Don’t get me wrong, you-tube is brilliant and has taught me a great deal but it doesn’t excite me the way this aged and yellowing leaflet does.
IMG_0001   IMG_0002   IMG_0003
I’ll let you know how I’m getting on over the next few weeks.

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