Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Introducing the WCHS Pi-rates – Superheroes in any classroom

This week is the UK’s Children’s Hospice Week, which culminates in Superhero Friday, a hero inspired day of fundraising. At Woodford, we will be supporting our neighbouring Children’s Hospice, Haven House who do an amazing job of looking after life-limited children and their families. 

In the spirit of day some of my Year 13s have agreed to join me in transforming ourselves into brand new mathematical superheroes who have the superhuman ability to perform complex mathematical techniques and inspire others to love Mathematics as much as we do! (I think I may be putting words into their mouths here). Anyway, for one day only, we will be known as the WCHS Pi-rates. Here is a sneaky peak at the shield-like logos that will adorn our t-shirts on Friday.


There are seven of us so they’ve taken a while to make. On the plus side, I got to use my glitter glue gun to draw pi symbols on our eye patches!

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