Monday, 29 April 2013

The joy of finding craft in the most unlikely of places…

We’ve just had a weekend away in Exmouth. It was really good to spend some time together and relax. Naturally my husband had birds on his mind so on our way down we stopped off at Hose Hill Lake in Berkshire to see a Bonepart’s Gull. Lovely as it was, it didn’t keep my interest for very long so I went for a quick wonder and found this piece of craftwork…
Each clay tile is individually moulded and painted. I don’t know which group has done it (presumably a wildlife group or primary school) but I loved it.
On Saturday we headed for Prawle Point and Start Point and went for a couple of nice walks in the sunshine. It was glorious but after a long walk around East Prawle I needed some hydration so we headed to The Pigs Nose for a swift drink before moving on. A few spots of rain drove me inside where I stumbled across a real treasure. In the far corner of the dim pub was a knitting basket and an invitation to leave my mark on this place forever.
There were no two needles the same size and some of the knitting was quite suspect but I joined in very happily. What an amazing idea!
I failed to find any craft on Sunday but my need to do stuff was satisfied as I sat in another random pub with a pint of Guinness doing some hard Mathematics! Sad but true. Once a geek, always a geek I guess!

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