Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dried Roses

Well, it’s been a while and I really haven’t done anything crafty in the time that I’ve been away. I am hoping to find some time, energy and inspiration soon though. I’ll have to get going pretty quickly as I need to try out a new craft that I will be sharing with some pupils during this year’s co-curricular day at school.

Mum and I did go wool and pattern shopping last weekend though. She’s now busy knitting jumpers, cardigans and monkeys for Katryn and Archie. Now that’s real therapy!

Today’s post is not strictly speaking about a craft but I was given some yellow roses for my birthday (thanks Abigail), which I have dried out to go with the red ones that I was given by some of the school leavers from 2012. There is something about our flat (and probably the dehumidifier) that means I can dry them out relatively easily and they maintain much of their colour. I don’t do anything special to them at all. Here are the results…


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