Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pyrography Artwork

This accomplished piece of pyrography was given to me by a very talented pupil in Year 9. She has begun selling her pieces for charity and each one is a labour of love. I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations about the craft whilst doing gate duty this term – I don’t actually teach her this year so it was our best chance to chat! She only started pyrography a few months ago and I can only imagine how her skill is going to develop over the next twelve months but I look forward to going back after maternity leave and finding out!


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bunny for the nursery

I somehow neglected to share this magnificent creation in yesterday’s blog post. I had everything else together in the cot but this toy has already found its permanent home in the nursery and it deserves a whole post of its own anyway.


Created by the incredibly talented Lib Haigh, both David and I commented on it when we were up there a few weeks ago so she happily (I hope) let us adopt it for the nursery. We love it and I’m sure that Baby B will too. Thank you Lib!

Friday, 27 December 2013

More gifts for Baby B

I finished work and Brownies last week and was inundated with presents for Baby B. All of my sixth form classes had talked to each other about what they were getting and seemed to each take a theme, which was incredibly impressive! One group went for books, another for toys, a third for clothes and one group even named a star after the baby. My final Year 13 class opted to get creative and made this fantastic mathematical mobile for the nursery…
Year 11 came up with an equally touching idea as the designed this bodysuit which they then got made…
Meanwhile, other people have been busy knitting cardigans for the little one. The two in lemon were made by Steph and my mother-in-law was busy making the white one for Christmas. I particularly love the duck buttons!
Thank you everyone, this is certainly one loved and lucky baby that I’m having!
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