Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Homemade Roll-up Blackout Blind


I bought some black-out blind material and a couple of metres of hook and eye velco to attach it to the PVC frame of the window in the nursery. The baby won’t be sleeping in there yet but it seemed sensible to do these things whilst I still have the time and energy before Baby B arrives.

The instructions that came with the material were to just slap it up and peel it off as needed each day but that would also mean that we needed somewhere to store the material during the day so David challenged me to come up with a better solution.

Having cut the material to size I had quite a few spare bits of material so I cut three strips to use to hold the rolled material up. I made a total of four buttonholes at the end of the strips and attached the other ends to the blind enclosing them in a hem. The final step was just to sew on the four buttons and fix it all to the window.

There is velcro all around the window frame so that the blind fixes tightly to the window when rolled down and eliminates all of the light from outside but it’s pretty inoffensive and you can hardly see it.

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