Thursday, 20 February 2014

Princess Holly

The pattern for this character from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom came from a copy of Woman’s Weekly earlier this year and was spotted by my Mum. Now, I have to admit to being a big fan of this programme so I sneaked the pattern away from Wales, laminated it and kept it just in case I had a baby girl (I probably would have requested it for a son too mind you!). So, when Gran and Grandad came down to visit four weeks ago I shamelessly asked if Barbara would make this fabulous knitted princess for Jessica’s collection of soft toys. She arrived this week when Auntie Ruth came to visit us and what a beauty she is. We (honestly it’s not just for me) absolutely love it and will be keeping our eyes open for patterns for Ben and Gaston too. Thank you, Gran!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lucky Lady

I have already mentioned that our five week old daughter (where has that time gone?!) is lucky enough to have a very talented Gran and here is another example of her handiwork and incredible attention to detail. This beautiful name bunting will adorn her bedroom for years to come along with the one from the previous post.


Here’s a closer look at the individual flags of the bunting…


Oh, and this is Jessica at five weeks old carefully considering what her first crafting project will be! All in good time, Jess, all in good time!


Friday, 7 February 2014

Name Bunting

Jessica was given this lovely gift from Amanda yesterday. The bunting is beautifully made and I love the choice of spots and stripes for the fabric. The name is created from sparkly wooden letters attached to the bunting. Such a thoughtful present – we love it! Thank you, Amanda!

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