Monday, 31 March 2014

Mini Ribbon Blanket

Inspired by my wonderful sister-in-law, Ruth, and facilitated by a trip to a fabric shop with her last week I have managed to steal enough time today to make a mini ribbon blanket for Jessica. Ruth gave us the one at the bottom of this post when Jess was born and the little lady decided that she adores it this weekend now that she can grab and hold on to things properly. Unfortunately she was a little sick on it yesterday so we obviously need one to wash and one to use. I had the ribbon and buttons (which are large and VERY firmly attached) by me so here is my version…

FB_354     FB_355

Ruth’s requires more skill and has a fabulous knitted back to the blanket. The elephant fabric came from the same shop. Here it is…

FB_356     FB_357

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mum tackles cable knitting

Mum actually knitted this cardigan quite a while ago. She’s knitted at least one jumper for Archie since but this particular piece was waiting for me to buy buttons and sew them on. You might question my choice and I would have to agree that other options might have been better suited (duffel buttons perhaps) but I saw these sparkly beauties and my inner-magpie just had to have them. It’s a really good stretchy cardigan that Jess will fit in for a very long time (look how much I’ve had to turn the sleeves up!).

Here’s the little lady rocking the cardigan and tights look!


SD_cardigan-1     SD_cardigan-2

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Knitted Gifts

Yet more gifts for Jess that I need to report on. I’m very conscious that “Craft by Others” is incredibly prominent in my tag cloud to the right and I promise that I will get crafting again soon but for now I really do have to show off how many talented friends and family members we have. 

We had a lovely visit from the Haigh family a couple of weeks ago. They brought these knitted items with them for my little lady. She has a beautiful elf hat and an impressively mathematical blanket that will teach her all about the powers of two in time! As you can see below, they are beautifully crafted by Lib and we’re really very grateful. 




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