Monday, 7 April 2014

Phone Pouch with Binding

Mum has a new phone and so requested a new pouch to keep it safe in. Coincidentally, I bought some bias binding last week and needed to try using it so this seemed the ideal piece to test it out on. I mucked up the first attempt and didn't quite catch some of the fabric but this is the finished piece…


It’s a little snug so I’m not sure if I’ll manage to get a felt lining in too but I need to try it with the phone before I decide.

To contrast, here’s the finish on the one I made for my phone over a year ago. It’s still going strong but it doesn’t look quite as good as the bound piece.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Quilted Playmat

We had dinner with Alex last night when she gave Jessica a stunning handmade quilted playmat. It really is beautiful. I love the choice of fabrics and the ribbon pulls are a great idea too. This has come at a perfect time as Jess spends most of her awake time gurgling and stretching away flat on her back on the floor at the moment with the occasional period of tummy-time thrown in for good measure. She loves being down there and as you can see, she already adores her new mat – thank you Auntie Al, you’re very clever! xx


IMG_0641edit     IMG_0640edit


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Jess at 11 weeks

Daddy says that lots of people keep asking for up-to-date pictures of me so here’s my story at 11 weeks old…

I now like playing with toys and have just started to grab and hold onto things…

IMG_0616edit2   P1010188edit2

I smile and laugh a lot although usually silently or with explosive noises at the moment. I’m trying really hard to giggle though…

IMG_0582edit2   IMG_0608edit2   P1010166edit2

I love to have a bath or shower but I’m not very keen on getting out!

IMG_0561edit2     P1010234edit2

I have a bottle with Daddy most days but I find his work quite boring…

IMG_0622edit2     IMG_0586edit2

Apparently I’m a Wales supporter like my Mum despite the fact that neither of us has a drop of Welsh blood running through our veins…


I look forward to weekends out with Mummy and Daddy but I’m not too sure about the birdwatching yet…

P1010163edit2   IMG_4921edit2   P1010152edit2 IMG_4917edit2     P1010157edit2

During the week I often go and have sleepovers. It’s great to see my Aunties and cousins so often…

Jessica_BradnumInWales-2edit2     JessicaBradnumInWales-3edit2

P1010205edit2     P1010215edit2

I chat and coo an awful lot now…


Sometimes I look like I’m going to be a red-head…


…and sometimes I’m just too cute…


I’ve been sleeping through the night for over a week and best of all, I’m now happy to sleep by myself during the day as long as I can suck my thumb and have my doll watching over me. This means that Mum can cook and craft a lot more but she’s still finding reasons to avoid the cleaning at the moment!


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