Tuesday, 20 May 2014

First of Three Cushions for Mum and Dad

With all this time on my hands (yeah right!), Mum and Dad asked me to make them a set of three 43cm square cushions for their sofa. So, last time I was in Wales, Mum, Sarah and I popped into Dunelm Mill and picked up some fabric. This was not a cheap option with the set of covers alone costing Mum £22 but it’s beautiful fabric perfect for the purpose. Having said that, it’s a double layered fabric with all sorts of textures and materials so it wasn’t trivial to sew. At times I was machining 8 layers of fabric in this design.
I’ve made an envelope style cover binding the top and bottom of the rectangle of fabric before stitching the sides. I then attached three poppers using my new KAM snap pliers that I had for my birthday. You can see them on the bottom photo that shows the back of the cushion. Fingers crossed that the other two come out as well because I’m really pleased with this one!



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