Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Jess at 20 weeks

At 20 weeks old today, lots of things have changed for me and I’m beginning to realise that I live in a big and exciting world. I weigh over a stone now and I’m taking everything in. I still love visiting friends and family. I sleep in my very own bedroom now and I love the blackout blinds that Mum made me (and so does she because I’m always still asleep when Daddy goes to work!). I don’t use the carry cot on my buggy anymore because there’s so much more to see from the buggy (when I’m awake!)…

P1100262edit     P1100318edit

I’ve been on my first holiday. We went to the Isles of Scilly so I got to go on lots of boats…

IMG_4925editedit     P1100362edit

I got to go on the beach too…


I’ve been practising watching the football with Daddy because he’s going to make me watch a whole lot more during the World Cup soon. I went to Brazil in Mummy’s tummy you know!


Best of all, I have a new favourite thing to do and that’s to bounce like tigger! What fun!

IMG_0691edit     IMG_0732edit


IMG_0729edit     IMG_0745edit

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