Thursday, 7 August 2014

Additional Storage Space

Unfortunately we don’t have a wall in our kitchen that is suitable to hold a shelf or even spice racks and I’m beginning to run out of surface space as a result of so many things we’ve needed for Jessica. Well, I’ll use her as an excuse anyway. So, DIY project time…

IKEA facilitated this project with their £1.90 shelf and two 85p storage jars. Ridiculous prices really. So, I drilled a hole in the lid of each jar and screwed them into the bottom of the shelf. I then filled the jars with rice and split peas before screwing them into the lids. Hey presto - a rigid, sturdy shelf to provide me with extra surface area in the kitchen.


I decided to turn the jars around to maximise the space underneath once I’d started loading it up…


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