Saturday, 30 August 2014

PVC Cushion

I bought a load of cow PVC (under £3 a metre) from Dunelm Mill to make Sarah a bag, which I will post about tomorrow, and decided to make a cushion too. I whipped it up pretty quickly and was impressed how well my sewing machine dealt with the fabric. The “MOO” is made from felt that I bondawebbed to make it more rigid but then attached with fabric glue to avoid any ironing PVC incidents. The envelope style cover is secured with three brightly coloured poppers on the back and was beautifully made (if I do say so myself). However, Archie soon discovered that it makes a good noise (not quite whoopee cushion standard but not far off) if you jump on it. By the time it made it to Sarah’s house one of the seams had split open. I must think these things through more carefully in the future!


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