Thursday, 4 September 2014

Batik Card from Sri Lanka

I received this beautiful thank you card from one of my GCSE students from last year today. I’m sat enjoying the chocolates that accompanied the card whilst marvelling at the craftsmanship and patience required to create a piece like this.


The centrepiece is a batik printed fabric mounted in an aperture open both front and back. It’s beautiful. Here’s what is printed on the back of it…

“You hold in your hand an original handcrafted Batik from Sri Lanka, a true work of art. Each Batik is individual and unique to it’s craftsman even though the same motif may be repeated. The cloth is neither printed nor screened but is the result of a lengthy process of wax application and dyeing. The craftsman draws a picture on the cloth and then applies by tool or brush hot wax to all but the area to be coloured. The cloth is then dyed and allowed to dry before the wax is removed by boiling in hot water. This process is then repeated for each additional colour and the number of colours in a Batik represents the minimum number of days taken to craft it. We invite you to enjoy and share the beauty of this traditional Sri Lankan art.”

… and so I am.

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