Thursday, 25 December 2014

Jessica’s Stocking

For Jessica’s first Christmas I completed my first ever crochet project, which was inspired by the Hobbycraft blog. It required 19 4 granny squares, a cuff of treble crochet and a crocheted loop that I didn’t follow the instructions for as it was late on Christmas eve, I still had Jess asleep on me as she was refusing to be put down and I didn’t have the instructions to hand! During my 10 or so hours making this I have discovered that you can crochet holding a baby quite easily (if Jess still counts as a baby). It’s all a bit mad really and if I had my time over I would stick to three or four colours and make sure that each granny square had some pattern to it but I didn’t even know how to change colours at the beginning and was using up odd bits of wool that I had by me. Anyway, here’s a couple of photos of the front and back of the stocking along with a couple of close-ups…

Blog_143   Blog_144

Blog_145   Blog_146

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