Monday, 11 May 2015

Window Seat 3

That’s it. I have delivered the library’s third and final window seat this afternoon. As promised, this one features the iconic image of the building that adorns so many of the school banners. I decided to use two trees in the design to link each of the three seats and felt they needed a date to serve as a reminder of when the pieces joined the library. I have thoroughly enjoyed making them but, if I’m honest, I’m also not too sorry to bid farewell to this big project!



Monday, 27 April 2015

Crochet Blanket

I’m ashamed to admit how overdue this baby blanket is for a very special little man but let’s just say that he’s already outgrown his moses basket! I had no idea when I embarked on the project just how long it was going to take me; the stocking was incredibly quick by comparison. It’s a 30 round granny square changing colour every two rounds until I ran out of blue wool then I did four rounds of navy before completing with double-v edging in red (term used in the blog that I found the instructions on but I don’t think it’s one that crocheters would recognise). The edging was really simple completing 2tr 2ch 2tr in each gap on the previous round with 2tr 2ch 2tr 2ch 2tr on each corner.


I’m really pleased with the end result but there’s just one problem. Jess loves it too! She wanted to wear it as a shawl all morning and came crying to me every time it fell off so I used one of Nan-nan’s old pins to fasten it in the end, which Jessica thought was brilliant! I’m sorry, Jess, you’ll be waiting a long time for me to make another one for you!

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Window Seat 2

Here is WCHS’s second new window seat for the library, which I delivered and installed today. Just one to go and I’m feeling really sad about it. Given that we’re in the middle of a move to Colchester 57 miles away, I think this will probably be the last thing I do for the school that has played such a huge role in my life for the past decade. This project really does mark the end of an era [big sigh]. At least my banner and window seats will live on!



The design for this one was suggested by the new librarian. It’s quite similar to the first, which featured two trees, the WCHS logo and the Essex shield but I really like it. The third is going to be an image of the front of the school building, which is an iconic image that adorns many a banner around the school. It seems particularly appropriate to make a seat featuring the historical part of the building with the borough’s plans to expand the school in the future.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Woodland Beanbags

Last night I made a set of four woodland themed beanbags as a gift for a very special one year old boy. I added ribbon loops to them so that they can be hung up or flung around with ease. The lentils are stitched into felt pockets first and then the whole thing is encased in some of my favourite (and only!) masculine fabrics. You’ve seen the owl fabric before, which is upholstery fabric from Dunelm Mill, the others are from a fat quarter bundle that I got from Hobbycraft. They have some beautiful fabrics that are often half price. I don’t mind paying £6.50 for six fat quarters and have stocked up on plenty of them in the past twelve months. I’ve been meaning to make a set of bean bags for Jess for ages. She has an elephant one that I made a while ago but I just haven’t got around to making any others yet. It’s just another thing on my long list of crafting things to do.



Thursday, 26 February 2015

First Ever Quilting Project

I bought my quilters edition sewing machine way back in 2012 with ever intention of adding quilting to my repertoire of crafts. It has taken until now for me to even attempt to acquire the skill. I decided that a good first project would be a quilted playmat and chose a striking tessellated design featuring 42 separate pieces. Once the pieces were cut the pinning, sewing, pressing and quilting (along the seams) took about 4 hours. It’s certainly not perfect (there is one piece in particular that’s not even close to right) but I’m happy with it and I think the recipients of the gift were quite pleased too. My quilting career has begun!


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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Window Seat 1

Woodford’s library is currently undergoing a facelift, which has included the installation of three new window seats. I was (happily) roped in to making seat pads for them and have finally finished the first. It replicates the design on a fireplace guard in the library. The Essex emblem and trees are blanket stitched felt and the WCHS logo is stitched directly onto the fabric with embroidery cotton. Here it is in situ…



Apologies for the poor photos, I only had my phone with me!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First Birthday Cake

Jessica turned 1 last week – where did that time go?! Setting myself up for a challenge every year, here is the first birthday cake that I made her.

IMG_1368   IMG_1369

She adores cats and is a monster with a ball of wool so the design decision was an easy one!

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