Monday, 30 January 2017

Ocean Suncatchers

Is it possible that contact paper (sticky back plastic) is the best thing since sliced bread?! I can't resist the mess free wonder of the stuff and have usually got a couple of rolls lying around. I've only used it for craft purposes myself but I have seen some lovely sensory ideas using it with little ones such as walking on it taped to the floor. 

The first time we used it to make suncatchers was at Fingringhoe Fledglings, a preschool group at a local Wildlife Trust visitor centre but we've done several since. We use things like tissue paper, coloured films and glitter to create them. I cut the aperture out of a rectangular piece of card and cover the whole thing with contact paper before letting Jessica do her thing. Once she's finished sticking I cut around the aperture to make a card outline around the suncatcher...

In addition, when we did them at our Toddler Group we added some ripped tissue paper tentacles to make these lovely jellyfish. There was much discussion about whether jellyfish should have eyes and if so, how many. Neither of our solutions are accurate but this is craft not Biology! As you can see, Jessica also took the opportunity to practise her scissor skills out on the one she made at the group. 

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