Friday, 27 January 2017

Toilet Roll Marionette Puppies

This was one of Jessica's special requests. My Facebook feed is full of wonderful ideas from places like Red Ted Art and just occasionally one catches Jessica's attention, her wide eyes fix on me and before I know it we're getting everything out and having a go ourselves. 

As you can see, Jessica is currently favouring pink above all other colours (even insisting on a pink cat cake for her birthday) and so we currently have a couple of pink puppies living with us. They have been named Singie and Dancie. She thinks they're brilliant!

Who knew a few toilet rolls, craft sticks, googly eyes, some wool, beads and pink paper, a couple of pompoms and a pipe cleaner could provide so much pleasure?! I must admit there is also a certain degree of imagination required from Jessica, not to mention my willingness to follow her orders, to have quite as much fun with them as we manage.

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