Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Child's Pinafore Dress

I have only made one dress in my time crafting and this is it...

Jessica loves it and wore it a lot last year. I'm hoping that she won't have grown out of it by the time the weather picks up. Mind you, she has already chosen some new fabric and requested another dress for this summer.

This was a cut and hope affair. I didn't follow a pattern and I definitely didn't really know what I was doing at the start. I made the skirt and top separately, both fully lined with some blue cotton from my Nan-nan's old sheets. The top opens over the shoulders using KAM snaps, which I still think are magnificent! I played around with the shape of the skirt a little, trimming and restitching until it hung satisfactorily. The only important thing was to get the bottom of the top and the top of the skirt exactly the same width. After I had stitched them together I decided that I'd made the top too long so I added a satin sash to cover the join and marginally improve the balance. 

The question is, will I follow a pattern next time?!

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