Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Go Big!

I do my best to use most of the painted pieces Jessica creates. Often they are turned into cards but occasionally our process art produces something far too big for that. Painting with your feet is definitely one of those processes. 

I forget where the inspiration for creating a huge monster came from but it was a fabulous way to use up a really big piece of paint work. I taped two A2 pieces of black sugar paper together to give her plenty of space on which to trample and pretty much let her get on with it. While we waited for the paint and glitter to dry we set about cutting out everything else we would need. Jessica decided to scribble on the white circles to give the scary, bloodshot appearance. He's a friendly beast I assure you. He hangs above the radiator in the living room so his arms wave about in the convection current, which can be a little disconcerting but he's lived there happily for almost a year now. He hasn't scared too many children in that time!

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