Friday, 10 February 2017

Mosaic Coaster

Ahead of Father's Day last year I found myself in Hobbycraft (I know, however could that have happened?!) and I spotted a load of mosaic bits in their clearance. Ordinarily it's not a cheap craft and I hadn't really considered trying it with Jess (my blood pressure does increase somewhat when she makes a mess of more expensive materials) but I can't resist a bargain. The clearance price facilitated a brilliant activity. We bought a couple of ceramic coasters, lots of shiny pieces and a small pack of grout and planned to make presents for the Grandads. 

I cheated and covered the coasters with double sided tape so that there was no concern over speed or glue drying and just handed Jessica the pot of pieces. Once she was happy with what she'd done I did squeeze a few more small pieces into the gaps that remained but Jessica absolutely did do the vast majority of the hard work. I did do the grouting but now that Jess is a little happier to get her hands mucky I would definitely consider letting her have a go next time. 

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