Monday, 13 February 2017

Painting with Pipettes

I recently ordered a bumper batch of pipettes when I needed to add a couple of pounds to an online order without really knowing what I would do with them. In the run up to Valentine's Day I thought we might have a little go and using them to make pretty hearts from kitchen towels. We had a go with the intention of doing them at Toddler Group but I decided I wasn't brave enough and that it had the potential to get far too messy. Jessica and I enjoyed it though. We mixed up some very watery watercolours in little pots and then set to work dripping or squirting with our pipettes. 

Jess wanted to create whole family of hearts...

So far, the only other way we have used the pipettes was to do some waterfall painting where I propped a pad up, put plenty of kitchen paper underneath and let drip. Jess liked making the drips race to the bottom and she enjoyed seeing what happened when the different colours ran into each other. It was a really fun process and great for her fine motor skills. Sorry, that's the teacher in me!

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