Monday, 20 February 2017


I have been bitten by the upholstery bug in the past eighteen months or so. It's something that I always fancied trying but never quite got around to until we moved house. It took no time at all to get hooked. I use foam pads from Dunelm, upholstery weight or PVC fabric and a simple staple gun. It's so quick and I now have the confidence to know that I will be able to change them whenever I feel like it or the need arises (the curse of little ones and their grubby hands!).

The first piece I tackled was this ottoman...

It originally had just a plain wooden lid. It's now a great extra seat in the living room now. 

I've done seven dining chairs in total. The three that live upstairs are covered with upholstery weight cotton while the ones that we use at the dining room table are all covered in PVC. There are huge advantages to having wipe clean chairs just now!

My biggest project and greatest challenge was a chair that we picked up in a charity shop for Mum to have in the kitchen. It was a lovely but very tired chair when we got it. Mum chose the fabric and I think she was pretty pleased with the job that I did. She didn't have it long but this will always be Mum's chair...

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