Saturday, 18 February 2017

Wall Art

We've been living in Colchester for over eighteen months now and have done very little in terms of decorating. It was a relatively new house so nothing really needed doing especially. I did have a little incident with a candle in our ensuite that meant I had to repaint that room and we've had to remove some wallpaper ready for some new kitchen units that will be fitted at the end of this month (whoop whoop) but otherwise we've chosen to just live with the scuffs and marks while Jessica is little. 

However, there were a fair few really unsightly marks in her bedroom that offended me so I decided to cover them up. It seemed an easier solution than redecorating the whole room. Now I don't know what I will do in the future because I am never going to want to paint over this. 

I grabbed some clipart images that I liked and made them into stencils. I used them to draw the designs on the wall before painting them freehand. This is what I had so many paint testers lying around for making Jessica's cardboard kitchen!

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