Wednesday, 8 March 2017

DIY French Knitting (toilet rolls and craft sticks)

Meet Flopsy - one of Jessica's beautiful toy bunnies. She's a very well treated rabbit and is even the proud owner of a very attractive scarf created from some last scraps of wool, a toilet roll and five craft sticks. 

I taped the craft sticks to the toilet roll and set about French knitting...

A traditional knitting doll uses four pegs but there is no reason, from what I can tell, why you shouldn't use more. The fewer sticks or pegs you use the looser your knit will be. I really enjoyed using the large scale tool for this. I have a knitting doll but I've struggled to keep everything loose enough to be able to use it with ease. I also had some super chunky wool by me so I've gone even bigger scale to make a dressing up scarf for Jess. How fortunate that David had a tube from his Christmas White Port that I could use!

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