Thursday, 20 April 2017

10 minute cushion

During these past few years I have occasionally (ok, often) felt a bit of a longing to be able to do more of my own crafts again. Being a full-time Mum is fantastic, I love it but it is exactly that, full-time 24-7. When I've had this itch to get on with my own things it has needed to be addressed rapidly with a quick-fix-craft. What better way to satisfy my need to make something than to spend just 10 minutes making a cushion? Honestly, 10 minutes. Here's the one from yesterday (probably should have ironed it first!)...

The fabric is upholstery weight from Dunelm Mill, chosen by Jessica. It comes with a height of 55 inches, which I don't trim down. It's better to have too much fabric than too little especially as I leave the edges raw on the inside of the cushion covers. I was making a cover for a 20 inch cushion pad so aiming for a finished cover of 18 inch square for pleasant puffiness! So, here's the details:

1. I cut a strip of fabric a width of 20 inches allowing for the 18 inches for the pad and a generous inch seam on each side.

2. I folded my fabric like a concertina ensuring that the middle section was 18 inches high, right sides of fabric were together and that there was a good overlap on top. It's easiest to show this using a piece of paper. The green side represents the front of the fabric...

3. I pin the fabric in place and run both sides through my sewing machine using a straight stitch.

4. I turn the cover the right way out and stuff with the cushion.

5. To secure the cover I use three KAM snaps, which I have raved about enough so here are a few pictures of the equipment and the process.


Voila, one simple cushion fit for any bed or sofa.

Here are a few others I've made over the last few years although admittedly not all of them were 10 minute wonders!...

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