Monday, 15 May 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

There is something incredibly indulgent about making your own birthday cake and spending a decent amount of time decorating it. I suppose that's only true when you enjoy doing it but I definitely felt like I was indulging myself when putting this together on Friday. Jessica helped me to make the cake and then requested that I decorate it with cats so I followed the instructions in my favourite cake decorating book by Debbie Brown to make the models of Queequeg and Monty (Dad's cats). The muzzles are a bit big but I think they're still pretty cute. 

I definitely struggled making two cats at the same time as the icing kept getting too warm and sticky. I use edible glue to put the pieces together and half a cocktail stick in each tail. The cake itself was a standard sponge filled with Tiptree's seedless raspberry jam and lemon curd and crumb coated with butter cream. Yum yum!

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